Our Services

Moving and getting items delivered can be a head scratcher most of the time but Jason Transport can assist you every step of the way. We have been in the business for over 25 years and so we have a vast amount of experience in the business. We provide you with furniture removals, storage, disposals, deliveries, bulk post, packing, hoisting of furniture by way of cranes and lifters and also removal of tiles. We cater for both residential as well as commercial clients. Any contracts and tenders are also accepted. Every job is different and thus prices might vary although they are still always highly competitive.

Furniture Removals

Furniture removals is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to moving from one place to another. There is a high probability that if you try to do it yourself your furniture might get damaged. At Jason Transport we provide you with professional packing and transportation of any bulk items and we will ensure that it will not be damaged upon transit. We make sure that we keep to deadlines as we understand that in some circumstances time is of the essence.


If perhaps your premises are not ready yet and you need a place to store your items, we can assist you in that area as well. We make sure that our premises are well equipped and that we have enough space to accommodate all of your items. We will also make sure your items are stored in a safe space where they will not be stolen or damaged.


As a company we can help you dispose of items that might be bulky and difficult to remove. Whether these items have to do with private data or items that you just do not need anymore we will make sure to be there on time to help you dispose of them.


We make sure that every item that we deliver is kept safe throughout the process. In this situation, as well as others, we see to it that we abide by a time and date so that we can provide each client with peace of mind.

Bulk Post

If you have any type of post that needs to be delivered at a certain time and date we can assist you in this area as well. Whether the content of the post is highly confidential or not we will make sure that all post arrives at the stated destination in perfect condition.


Packing everything you own can seem like a daunting feat that you would not want to take on on your own. It can become quite a challenge to procure the right boxes and equipment needed to be able to pack everything neatly and safely for transport. Jason Transport will provide you with packaging materials and will assist you in packing your items and get them ready for transportation.

Hoisting of Furniture by Cranes or Lifter Hire

If you happen to have heavy furniture that needs to be hoisted to higher places Jason Transport can do this as well. Our lifter services can go up to 10 storeys high so that even if your new home is high up and has space for furniture to be brought in from the door, you do not have to worry. When there are delicate items that are being carried we will inspect the items beforehand so that we can make sure that they arrive in place exactly as we found them.

Transport of Any Type & Size

We transport a various amount of stuff for any occasion. We do our best to make sure that a home moving is done in a day but sometimes circumstances may change that timeline. This is the reason why quotes are different for every client and it is very important to enquire beforehand and allow a proper amount of time for a quote. In some cases there will also be the need of an on-site quotation.

Removal of Floor & Bathroom Tiles

Removal of floor and bathroom tiles might seem like something difficult but as professionals in the job we will provide you with excellent and on-time work for your peace of mind. We will make sure that all tiles arrive at the premises chosen, in great conditions as we understand that this, like many others, can be quite a delicate material.

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